PEAK Series – Dr. Jamie Cramer

Dr. Jamie Cramer
Troy, MI

Dr. Jamie CramerHow long have you been involved in the PEAK program?
A few years

How did you become interested in being a PEAK doctor?
I was interested in PEAK because it was one of my highlights when I was a student. My preceptorship at Palmer was amazing and I HIGHLY recommend all students to PEAK. It starts to bridge the gap between student and doctor in successful practices.

What are you looking for in a PEAK student? skills/personality/confidence
I am looking for students that have a high desire to learn and help a lot of people through chiropractic. If you want to have fun and be successful this my be the office for you!

How many PEAK students have you had in your office?
I haven’t had a PEAK from life but I have had interns from Palmer. I am looking forward to having a PEAK intern.

What are your practice mission and vision statements?
Precise Chiropractic is committed to excellence in chiropractic care, management, and education. Precise Chiropractic is committed to establishing life long relationships based on trust, respect, and support. We will do this by creating a safe, loving, and warm atmosphere for people to reach optimal health through a chiropractic lifestyle. We will create lifelong patients throughout Michigan one family at a time! Precise Chiropractic attracts an abundance of wealth to the office, staff, and patients.

What does your practice focus on? pain/wellness/PI/pediatrics
Our practice focuses on wellness care.

Do you have have a cash or insurance based practice?
We have a 100% cash practice!!! It is awesome to take care of people that truly value Chiropractic care!

What can a PEAK student expect to learn while working in your office?
PEAK students can expect to learn how to communicate chiropractic care in a effective way, learn patient flow in a high volume patient centered office, x ray skills and how to mange patient care with low stress.

How many hours can PEAK student expect to work in your office weekly?
30-35 hours

What expectations do you have in PEAK students who work with your patients?
I expect students to be caring and professional while working with patients.

What techniques are used in your practice?
We practice NUCCA and see miracles all the time!

Do you use X-ray in your office?
Yes we have digital x-ray

Are you open to PEAK students using other styles?

Do you offer alternative treatment therapies in your practice?
We offer massage therapy.

How many people work in your practice?
There are 6 people that work in our practice including the massage therapist and myself.

What style of practice do you have?  open adjusting/individual rooms
Individual rooms

What things of interest are there in your part of the country?
Troy MI is northern suburb of Detroit. It is a great community with a lot to offer in terms of activity and job growth in the past few years. Troy is a beautiful community that I am proud to be part of.

How many patients do you see, on average, each week?
We see on average 250 patient visits a week.

Who adjusts you?
I am adjusted regularly by my radio cohost Dr. Lazar. We have a radio program on the largest Christian radio station in metro Detroit. Our show is a beacon for spreading chiropractic care! You can listen to the program at

At what point in the PEAK process do you allow the students to examine/adjust/write treatment protocols?
I have a training program and when certain hurdles are completed students are able to manage more on their own.

Would you be interested in allowing your PEAK student to become an associate or independent contracting doctor if s/he was a good “fit” for your practice?

Do you provide any form of housing  or have connections for affordable housing if outside the Atlanta market?

At what point in the PEAK process do you allow the students to perform health care talks?
When the student demonstrates the desire to do them.

Staff Pics 002Will your office be running screening events for new patients? At what point will the student be heading up a screening event?
I currently do not do screening but Associates do. Students can be heading them up as soon as possible.

Will a student leaving your practice after a PEAK experience be ready to open their own practice?
I believe you will have so much more knowledge by having a PEAK experience that it will give you an advantage to the students that do not PEAK. I do believe that an Associate position will set you up for a successful practice along with PEAK.

What have been your biggest lessons from the PEAK experience?
We are always learning!

What words of advice can you offer PEAK interns?
I would recommend that you go into the PEAK experience with excitement and openness. You can learn a ton, have fun and be part of helping a lot of people through Chiropractic care! That just brings a smile to my face.


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