By Sean Lyons, DC Student

The head of the stairs reached, only to find it the beginning of another flight. As the young boy was lying comatose in a tear-laden hospital room, they didn’t LOOK at the trouble they could SEE then; rather, they fixed their GAZE on things that could not be SEEN. For the things they SAW then would soon be GONE, but the things they could not SEE would last FOREVER.

The winters in northwestern Pennsylvania are known to be frigid and blanketed with feet of white snow. New Year’s Day of 2009 was no exception. My good friend Matt was home on leave from the Navy for the holiday, and he was returning to base the following week. Before he went back to serve, he wanted to visit with his entire family. At about 6:00pm Matt and I, along with two other friends, took a trip to his grandmother’s house to spend time with her. The four of us got in his brand new, baby blue 2008 Toyota Tacoma to leave for a journey that would change my life forever.

At this time, it was beginning to get dark out. As we drove down the back highway, the headlights would reflect off of the dense curtain of white snowflakes falling from the sky. We approached a small car on the back road going 10mph under the speed limit. Being in a four wheel drive truck with studded tires, we went to pass the car. As we returned to the right lane, the truck hit black ice.

Teach them the brevity of LIFE, so that they can GROW in wisdom.

As we returned to the right lane, the back end of the truck slid sideways and caused the massive machine to roll five times before it struck a tree. Witnesses say it was the only tree for miles; of course it was. The other passengers were able to escape fairly unharmed, however, I was knocked unconscious from the impact. The rescue team used the Jaws of Life to cut the roof off of the truck in order to get me out of the wreck. I was immediately “life-flighted” to Youngstown, Ohio where I remained comatose in the Intensive Care Unit for five days.

As I slowly regained consciousness, I was transported to HealthSouth recovery unit in Erie, Pennsylvania. They discovered I had suffered from a traumatic brain injury. I was not able to walk, talk, or even comprehend the words I read. My mother would look at my battered face, watching drool come out the sides of my mouth because I could not swallow my saliva. And my neck hurt. My neck hurt so bad it kept me awake for days at a time. The doctor overseeing my case was a Doctor of Osteopathy and refused to prescribe me pain medication. Instead, after ruling out any possible contraindications, he unsuccessfully attempted to manipulate my cervical spine.

That doctor had one of the biggest influences on my life. He understood how taking a drug would only mask the pain and it wouldn’t treat what was causing the pain. He understood the pain was a signal, telling my body something was wrong. He understood the subluxation causing the pain in my neck was manifesting itself as other symptoms as well. He agreed medication was going to interfere with the healing capabilities that God had already masterfully created my body to do, on its own, when there is no interference. He also understood my body needed to be free of any interference in my nervous system to allow my body to heal properly. So he referred me to a doctor who specialized in removing nervous system inference, which provided my body with the ability to heal and function at its full God-given potential, a chiropractor.

As I entered the chiropractor’s office, I thought I would be stuck with this debilitating pain for the rest of my life. My walking was still unbalanced with no signs of improvement and I wasn’t expected to ever be cleared to drive a vehicle. Drool still dripped out of the corners of my mouth and I was very sleep-deprived because of the pain I was in. I was re-learning how to read, how to write, how to cook, how to play guitar. All of this had left me. As I laid on this chiropractor’s table, I finally felt at peace. With my eyes closed, the Doctor placed his gentle hands around to the back of my neck and said, “How am I supposed to get that one?”

That adjustment changed my life.

I felt a sudden rush of relief, like all my tension, all my problems were melting away. The excruciating pain I was in for months was immediately gone. Instantaneously I was able to swallow my saliva. I regained my balance. Reading, writing, talking all became easier. My memory was gradually getting better and I was soon able to drive again.
It is said that our FATE is a product of a Universal Intelligence, our PURPOSE fixed; inevitable.

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