Student LifeForce

Student LifeForce
By Katie Kenny, DC Student

Life as a Chiropractic student is a dynamically powerful journey. For me, it has been a phenomenal opportunity to grow in so many ways, and embrace the greatest expression of myself. The Life University environment has been such a supportive, and safe environment to really let go, surrender, and see all that can be possible for me, my life, and all the ways I am able to serve. With the safety of being able to let go, there have been countless opportunities to live my life innately guided, and create a foundation for goals that best express me as a Chiropractor. Even on the long days, the gratitude is greater than the exhaustion.

Choosing to pursue a career in Chiropractic was a HUGE step, moving to a place I knew no one, student loans for the first time ever, a challenging program; so it was scary. I’ve come to learn, that is such a beautiful, powerful place to be…but before that was clear, it just looked TOO BIG.

Over dinner one evening, one of my best friends asked me the question, “So, you are almost graduating, taking boards, and an official Radiological Technologist…what is next, what are you going to do?” When my response was a timid, “I haven’t quite ruled out becoming a Chiropractor…” he continued one of the most powerful conversations in me learning to give myself permission to create my own dreams. He went on to ask, “If you took away costs, and the necessity of moving, what would stop you from becoming a Chiropractor?” When my answer was a definite, “Nothing” we both knew it was time I began my journey to become a Chiropractor. It is phenomenal what one conversation can provide for life decisions; while also providing immense amounts of gratitude and emphasis on the importance of surrounding yourself with people who not only allow you to fully express yourself, but who also challenge you to be the best version of yourself. I still thank him ALL the time, and he thanks me too for taking the leap. It really is great to live the life of your dreams.

Thanks to persistence from powers beyond myself, and all the necessary nudges to have me keep looking for the journey that really allowed me to be, I was led to all the right people and places to be given information in quantities I could digest, handle and learn from. Oh, and GIANT amounts of gratitude to all the people that love and support me along the way to keep it beautiful, all the time. It is easily one of the best decisions of my life. It continues to support me in growth, challenge me, and surprise me. People say this all the time, and it couldn’t be truer, I am so glad Chiropractic chose me…and persisted, even when I wanted to believe it was a dream too big for me. I am so glad that I now know, that dreams have no size limit!

I see Chiropractic as one of the most amazing things that happened to my life, and the best way I can serve others to fully express and live the best life for them, however that may look in their own innately guided life. The philosophy, the art, the science all connect with me so deeply that nothing makes more sense. It is always intriguing, and always full of opportunity. From the very beginning of Chiropractic being introduced to my life, I have done nothing but grow and learned to appreciate the beauty in continuously learning, growing, and innately listening. I was fortunate enough to experience unlimited positive changes in my own life, the lives of others, and I honestly cannot wait to see what is possible for the rest of my life. From the classroom, to the opportunity to serve in clinic, and the opportunity to serve on a Chiropractic mission trip, I am constantly reminded of how powerful it is to positively impact someone’s life…and call that my “job”….AMAZING! There are not enough words to truly express how grateful I am to live this life, and be called to serve as a Chiropractor. It is the most powerful opportunity to live innately guided, express the most amazing life, and I look forward to continue to share it with others. It has expanded my realm of what is possible, and has me absolutely excited about life!

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