Publisher News – October 2014

Publisher News
By Dave Jennings, Student Publisher

One more quarter down and it was a fun one with Boards, Lab finals and Lecture finals while throwing in a fun water main break week 9 and yet again we transition into a new quarter. I do enjoy my time at Life but so look forward to the end of the program and the quarter system grind as these week breaks are over in a blink of your eye. Thankfully we get entertainment during finals week and break with email bombs from administration; the recent change to the parking arrangement being quite the news. On August 21 a school wide email was sent looking for students to park on Roswell Road in front of Whole Foods and with little interest the administration took a very interesting position by having blue tag students, faculty and staff park remotely.

Parking has been a hot button issue at Life forever and just as we see in the chiropractic profession you can never make everyone happy but this is one instance where the school did create quite the firestorm and got professors, staff and students to talk about the issue. There is a group of upper quarter students who are in shock and upset with regard to professors being forced to park off campus finding it disrespectful and as one professor termed it the tail wagging the dog. There has also been talk by upper quarter students all 1st-4th quarter students should park remotely in place of professors but looking back at old social media posts I am quite sure if the shoe was on the other foot every quarter would be a problem with parking remotely. While I am sure administration weighed multiple options as to the parking shortage it seems with a topic as large as parking the final decision should affect all equally. Why not make all parking on campus carpool only which would have all staff, faculty and students share equally to reduce the parking congestion as well as reducing our carbon foot print. It might be a mild inconvenience from our normally everyday lives but as I like to say first world problems are fortunate to have. Exceptions should be made for professors who have active practices as they do have time constrains which deserve to be respected. Given time the shuttles will become more efficient as they modify routes and drops.

On a serious note we have a MAJOR theft problem on campus again and this time it is happening in CC-HOP and C-HOP. Laptops, purses and other valuables are being taken from places which should feel safe. If administration cannot provide enough lockers to properly secure our personal belongings it is beyond time to install secure entry to all areas where you student ID is needed to enter and cameras are on all entry/exit points to eliminate the scourge who is violating our trust.


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