Start Out Doing Things Right

Lifetime Patients or Inactive Files
Start Out Doing Things Right
By Eric Plasker, DC, LIFEForce Doctor

Starting a practice will be one of the most exciting times in your life. After years of school you graduate and plant yourself in a community to make the biggest difference you possible can for the people who live there. What a great opportunity to make all of your chiropractic dreams come true! You are ready to build your business that also finances a wonderful life.

It will be exciting when you get your first new patient and then your first ten new patients. Before you know it you are up to 30, 50 even 100 new patients. The momentum builds until you arrive at your office one day to realize you have a long list of inactive people. You’ll be wondering, “Where have all my New Patients gone?” How frustrating for a young chiropractor, especially when you could have avoided this altogether by doing things the right way from the beginning.

How you structure your practice and how you educate your patients and your community about what you do will result in a lot of lifetime patients or a lot of inactive files. If you are a lifetime chiropractic patient yourself and you want this for your family, why would you do anything other than create lifetime patients for your practice from day one?

Think about the potential that lifetime patients bring to a practice. 10 New Patients a month over 5 years equals 600 New Patients. 20 New Patients a month over a 5 year period of time is 1,200 New Patients. 30 New Patients per month over 5 years works out to 1,800 New Patients. That is a lot of New Patients.

Now, think about what your practice would look like if 50% of those people stayed with you and made chiropractic care a part of their lifestyle. This would be an absolutely staggering result for your practice. Your income would be extraordinary and you would be surrounded by people who love, appreciate and value your work and its meaning to their family. If a more conservative figure of just 25% stayed with you for lifetime care, this too would be fantastic. Think about that midrange number of 20 new patients mentioned in the previous paragraph. Over five years that would mean 300 people were still under your care, receiving chiropractic care as part of their lifestyle and paying you on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, most chiropractors do not have a system in place to create results like this. After five years in practice and over 1000 New Patients they are stuck at 80 -120 visits per week with so many inactive files that the practice owner begins to question their worth, confidence and value as a chiropractor. Do not let this happen to you. It is not necessary.

Over the last 15 years The Family Practice has helped thousands of chiropractors grow by nearly $500 million in collections by delivering high integrity lifetime chiropractic care to people of all ages all over the world.

Here are 5 important things that you can begin to do today to create more lifetime patients from day one in your business.

  1. Brand Yourself with Lifetime Care
    When you deliver the Big Idea up front with a brand for lifetime care then it makes it very easy for people to understand what you do. You won’t have to constantly be trying to upsell people to more care. With The 100 Year Lifestyle brand, we are co-branding this big idea of lifetime chiropractic care with chiropractic offices so they stand out in the crowd.
  2. Need vs. Want
    Package your care so you attract people that need care as well as those who want to live an active healthy life. Too many chiropractors will focus on one or the other without having a clear strategy to transition people from one to the other. As we say in The 100 Year Lifestyle, “Crisis Care is based on need and Lifestyle Care is based on want.” The better you are at attracting the people that need chiropractic care and transitioning them from need to want, the more Lifetime patients you will have in your practice.
  3. Value Your Care
    Do not present financial policies that devalue your care. Cheap care will not be valued or appreciated by the consumer. People looking for the cheapest place in town will drop you like a hot potato if they find it cheaper elsewhere. Cheap care has nothing to do with compliance. Compliance will result when people value the care. Valuing the care will be achieved through your branding, your patient education process, and the quality of the service you provide.
  4. Have a Congruent System Inside and Out
    Congruency is vital. Our 100 Year Lifestyle Affiliate chiropractors tell us they are blown away by the level of congruency that they are delivering in every phase of practice. You too must achieve this. Everywhere you are incongruent becomes a crack that patients fall through. From visit 1 to the 100th visit of care, be congruent in everything you do.
  5. Build Community Relationships
    Lifetime patients want to see you active in the community. Inactive files don’t care. When you build relationships, keep your bigger vision of Lifetime Care for everyone in mind and establish quality relationships that are enduring.

Follow these five tips when establishing your practice and you will be amazed how 5 years into practice you are thriving because of the number of lifetime patients who value the care your practice provides. After all, if it is good enough for you and your family, it is good enough for them too.

Dr. Eric Plasker is the founder and CEO of The Family Practice, Inc. and the bestselling author of The 100 Year Lifestyle and The 100 Year Lifestyle Workout.
The 100 Year Lifestyle Licensed Affiliate Program is helping chiropractors thrive in practice from those just opening their doors to those who have been in business for decades. Dr. Plasker and his team can be reached at 866-532-3327 x109 and

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