Glass Slipper

Glass Slipper
By Rachel Brower, UG Student

The ballroom lights are piercing and everyone looks… flawless.
Is this real?
And does she belong here?
Radiant dances, steps are aligned.
And on the sideline she’ll wait and watch.
Pairs unfolding, kaleidoscope colors, the lovers stares.
This dance isn’t for her – it’s time is cheap.
Until his type steps in to free his own
He doesn’t hesitate but dives right in.
No second thoughts, no glances back
Forward. One direction on a one-way track.
He creates his steps as tailor-made
And smiles at her with a sideways wave.
The dance goes on and her eyes were fixed
‘Til she’s pulled into the collage floor mix
He takes her hand, offers his time
Both suddenly realize things starting to rhyme
His words are knives and he knows what to say
As euphoric rhythms lead the way
One with music and one with time
Energy flowing straight from the divine
This current, so natural, they don’t need to row
Just keep to the course and watch love grow

Eyes. Mesmerize, newfound ties, a sunrise
until they realize –Glass Slipper

The timing is off –


Everything stops……

Lights go dim
and the dream caves in.

It’s time to leave, now – no goodbyes.
Just final glance and cutting ties.
Clock chimes…

She runs on into the reality of night
Bound by truth, but so freely in flight.
Idle, he wanders, a search and a test
But a choice not to follow nor speak a protest.

Their separate worlds will call them now
Forward. Ahead – no turning around

But the memory………..?
Was it real or was it a fantasy?
I guess they’ll see….

Time will tell –
if they’re made to dance…
Then they’ll dance it well.

The Lord of the dance knows where this stands
Their steps were their own, though led by HIS hands.

And as quickly as the time ran out…
Nothing dissolved without any cares
For in hindsight – a glimmer that catches his eye
A single glass slipper awaits on the stairs…

Hold it, leave it, or eventually forget?
That’s up to him and new time he’s met…

Whatever the choice, she’s fine either way,
Learning new steps and dancing away!

Maybe, in hours of broad daylight
The shoe will fit and the time will be right

But for now…

Settle, wait, maybe question or doubt
But despite all the dances and how much they change,
They hold onto Truth for HIS hand’s always out
HIS is the rhythm that stays the same

With HIM as the leader and not their own heart
The space and the silence won’t feel so unsure
They trust in the ONE who created the time,
And soon will reveal what the waiting is for…


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