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Student Life Force

Student Life Force
By Chelsea Bachelor, DC Student

My journey at Life University started in January 2013 when a friend, and fellow student, suggested (actually insisted) that I attend a LIFE Leadership Weekend. Now at the time my mind was pretty much made up as to what school I was going to attend, and LIFE wasn’t even on my radar. However, after much encouragement, I signed up to attend, and it was one of the most life-changing experiences I have ever had. I was completely blown away by everything LIFE had to offer me and I am so thankful I didn’t let this opportunity pass me by. I started in October of that year, and soon discovered that my time at LLW was merely scratching the surface to all the remarkable experiences to be had here.

What really solidified in my mind that LIFE was the best choice for me was going to my first LIFE Vision Seminar. I have never been around so many people who genuinely and unapologetically love what they do. It was an encounter unlike any other I’ve ever had, being surrounded by such unchained passion and great people was so energizing. I laughed, I cried, and I found myself constantly wondering, “How on earth did I live in a world without chiropractic in it? There’s no going back!” I felt extremely fortunate to have been there at that specific point in time and with those specific people sharing their stories. Many of the other students in attendance were part of the Student LIFEforce club on campus; at the time I had no clue what that was. However, these students really stood out to me, they were all glowing with happiness and appreciation for everything around them, and I knew I wanted to be a part of that energy.

I immediately got involved and it all happened faster than I could have hoped. I was going to meetings, talking to new people, attending seminars, etc. What’s funny is that a few months after I got involved, Student LIFEforce was voting in a new executive board. To me, this seemed like too big of a coincidence to ignore and I took advantage of the opportunity. I became Treasurer of the club, and I can honestly say its one of the best decisions I’ve made so far here at LIFE. SLFAll the clubs around campus are meant to be helpful to students for now and the future, but I feel that LIFEforce was what I personally needed. I’ve met a lot of great people over the past few quarters, doctors and students alike – and working alongside with these people who will one day be my colleagues and fellow soldiers for vitalism – is valuable in a way that words simply fall short of explaining. LIFEforce is so many things, but above all, it is a family filled with people who are dedicated to serving the world and want to help you maximize your potential as a chiropractor. Extraordinary things happen when you surround yourself with people who you resonate and share values with. It makes the difficult times in school so much easier when the people around you are overflowing with support and encouragement.

Another great thing about these relationships is that they’re the connections that will transcend beyond school and into our careers as the real journey begins. If you want to be part of a family filled with people who are the embodiment of “To Give, To Do, To Love, To Serve- Out of a Sense of Abundance”, then Student LIFEforce is where it’s at! Looking very forward to meeting you all.

Start Out Doing Things Right

Lifetime Patients or Inactive Files
Start Out Doing Things Right
By Eric Plasker, DC, LIFEForce Doctor

Starting a practice will be one of the most exciting times in your life. After years of school you graduate and plant yourself in a community to make the biggest difference you possible can for the people who live there. What a great opportunity to make all of your chiropractic dreams come true! You are ready to build your business that also finances a wonderful life.

It will be exciting when you get your first new patient and then your first ten new patients. Before you know it you are up to 30, 50 even 100 new patients. The momentum builds until you arrive at your office one day to realize you have a long list of inactive people. You’ll be wondering, “Where have all my New Patients gone?” How frustrating for a young chiropractor, especially when you could have avoided this altogether by doing things the right way from the beginning.

How you structure your practice and how you educate your patients and your community about what you do will result in a lot of lifetime patients or a lot of inactive files. If you are a lifetime chiropractic patient yourself and you want this for your family, why would you do anything other than create lifetime patients for your practice from day one?

Think about the potential that lifetime patients bring to a practice. 10 New Patients a month over 5 years equals 600 New Patients. 20 New Patients a month over a 5 year period of time is 1,200 New Patients. 30 New Patients per month over 5 years works out to 1,800 New Patients. That is a lot of New Patients.

Now, think about what your practice would look like if 50% of those people stayed with you and made chiropractic care a part of their lifestyle. This would be an absolutely staggering result for your practice. Your income would be extraordinary and you would be surrounded by people who love, appreciate and value your work and its meaning to their family. If a more conservative figure of just 25% stayed with you for lifetime care, this too would be fantastic. Think about that midrange number of 20 new patients mentioned in the previous paragraph. Over five years that would mean 300 people were still under your care, receiving chiropractic care as part of their lifestyle and paying you on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, most chiropractors do not have a system in place to create results like this. After five years in practice and over 1000 New Patients they are stuck at 80 -120 visits per week with so many inactive files that the practice owner begins to question their worth, confidence and value as a chiropractor. Do not let this happen to you. It is not necessary.

Over the last 15 years The Family Practice has helped thousands of chiropractors grow by nearly $500 million in collections by delivering high integrity lifetime chiropractic care to people of all ages all over the world.

Here are 5 important things that you can begin to do today to create more lifetime patients from day one in your business.

  1. Brand Yourself with Lifetime Care
    When you deliver the Big Idea up front with a brand for lifetime care then it makes it very easy for people to understand what you do. You won’t have to constantly be trying to upsell people to more care. With The 100 Year Lifestyle brand, we are co-branding this big idea of lifetime chiropractic care with chiropractic offices so they stand out in the crowd.
  2. Need vs. Want
    Package your care so you attract people that need care as well as those who want to live an active healthy life. Too many chiropractors will focus on one or the other without having a clear strategy to transition people from one to the other. As we say in The 100 Year Lifestyle, “Crisis Care is based on need and Lifestyle Care is based on want.” The better you are at attracting the people that need chiropractic care and transitioning them from need to want, the more Lifetime patients you will have in your practice.
  3. Value Your Care
    Do not present financial policies that devalue your care. Cheap care will not be valued or appreciated by the consumer. People looking for the cheapest place in town will drop you like a hot potato if they find it cheaper elsewhere. Cheap care has nothing to do with compliance. Compliance will result when people value the care. Valuing the care will be achieved through your branding, your patient education process, and the quality of the service you provide.
  4. Have a Congruent System Inside and Out
    Congruency is vital. Our 100 Year Lifestyle Affiliate chiropractors tell us they are blown away by the level of congruency that they are delivering in every phase of practice. You too must achieve this. Everywhere you are incongruent becomes a crack that patients fall through. From visit 1 to the 100th visit of care, be congruent in everything you do.
  5. Build Community Relationships
    Lifetime patients want to see you active in the community. Inactive files don’t care. When you build relationships, keep your bigger vision of Lifetime Care for everyone in mind and establish quality relationships that are enduring.

Follow these five tips when establishing your practice and you will be amazed how 5 years into practice you are thriving because of the number of lifetime patients who value the care your practice provides. After all, if it is good enough for you and your family, it is good enough for them too.

Dr. Eric Plasker is the founder and CEO of The Family Practice, Inc. and the bestselling author of The 100 Year Lifestyle and The 100 Year Lifestyle Workout.
The 100 Year Lifestyle Licensed Affiliate Program is helping chiropractors thrive in practice from those just opening their doors to those who have been in business for decades. Dr. Plasker and his team can be reached at 866-532-3327 x109 and

Animal Chiropractic: Vets and Chiros

Animal Chiropractic:
Vets and Chiros
By Yamila Cruz-Martinez, DC student

Animal chiropractic is a controversial profession; it is a growing profession in the United States and the rest of the world. The controversy arises because the veterinary profession is not educated in the use of chiropractic on animals and there is limited research available about chiropractic. hurleyMany laws have been passed limiting the practice of animal chiropractic and the requirements needed.

The major debate regarding animal chiropractic is who should be allowed to practice and perform the chiropractic adjustments. Post graduate certification is available in Animal Chiropractic. The certification is regulated by American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA) and requires between 205-230 hours of training; with approximately 5 lectures and 5 lab practical tests, plus the finals of each program and the Board test. The trainings are offered to Chiropractors and Veterinarians, students of both fields can begin the training a couple of months before graduation but won’t receive the AVCA Certification until after graduation and passing the Animal Chiropractic board exam.

The discrepancy comes on both ends of the rope, Chiropractors and Veterinarians. The chiropractic profession does not think veterinarians understand the philosophy, the art, or the science of chiropractic. The veterinary profession believes chiropractors have not been trained in the areas of animal anatomy, diseases or physiology.

There is validity on both sides. You see, the certification consists of different VetChiromodules and topics like chiropractic philosophy, chiropractic evaluation and adjustments, anatomy of different animals, neurology, pathology, drugs and herbal medicines, jurisprudence, and radiology (when you think you can’t get more of those X-rays with Fox!!), among others. Courses are instructed by chiropractors, veterinarians and lawyers.

Yes! Of course a couple of months training won’t make you an expert in either of them but the cooperation of both professions can lead to a better outcomes for the animal and brighter future for Animal Chiropractic. The importance here is to stop pulling the rope at either end and to take advantage of the great opportunity to expand the chiropractic profession, allowing the innate of humans and animals flow in homeostasis.

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Student LifeForce

Student LifeForce
By Katie Kenny, DC Student

Life as a Chiropractic student is a dynamically powerful journey. For me, it has been a phenomenal opportunity to grow in so many ways, and embrace the greatest expression of myself. The Life University environment has been such a supportive, and safe environment to really let go, surrender, and see all that can be possible for me, my life, and all the ways I am able to serve. With the safety of being able to let go, there have been countless opportunities to live my life innately guided, and create a foundation for goals that best express me as a Chiropractor. Even on the long days, the gratitude is greater than the exhaustion.

Choosing to pursue a career in Chiropractic was a HUGE step, moving to a place I knew no one, student loans for the first time ever, a challenging program; so it was scary. I’ve come to learn, that is such a beautiful, powerful place to be…but before that was clear, it just looked TOO BIG.

Over dinner one evening, one of my best friends asked me the question, “So, you are almost graduating, taking boards, and an official Radiological Technologist…what is next, what are you going to do?” When my response was a timid, “I haven’t quite ruled out becoming a Chiropractor…” he continued one of the most powerful conversations in me learning to give myself permission to create my own dreams. He went on to ask, “If you took away costs, and the necessity of moving, what would stop you from becoming a Chiropractor?” When my answer was a definite, “Nothing” we both knew it was time I began my journey to become a Chiropractor. It is phenomenal what one conversation can provide for life decisions; while also providing immense amounts of gratitude and emphasis on the importance of surrounding yourself with people who not only allow you to fully express yourself, but who also challenge you to be the best version of yourself. I still thank him ALL the time, and he thanks me too for taking the leap. It really is great to live the life of your dreams.

Thanks to persistence from powers beyond myself, and all the necessary nudges to have me keep looking for the journey that really allowed me to be, I was led to all the right people and places to be given information in quantities I could digest, handle and learn from. Oh, and GIANT amounts of gratitude to all the people that love and support me along the way to keep it beautiful, all the time. It is easily one of the best decisions of my life. It continues to support me in growth, challenge me, and surprise me. People say this all the time, and it couldn’t be truer, I am so glad Chiropractic chose me…and persisted, even when I wanted to believe it was a dream too big for me. I am so glad that I now know, that dreams have no size limit!

I see Chiropractic as one of the most amazing things that happened to my life, and the best way I can serve others to fully express and live the best life for them, however that may look in their own innately guided life. The philosophy, the art, the science all connect with me so deeply that nothing makes more sense. It is always intriguing, and always full of opportunity. From the very beginning of Chiropractic being introduced to my life, I have done nothing but grow and learned to appreciate the beauty in continuously learning, growing, and innately listening. I was fortunate enough to experience unlimited positive changes in my own life, the lives of others, and I honestly cannot wait to see what is possible for the rest of my life. From the classroom, to the opportunity to serve in clinic, and the opportunity to serve on a Chiropractic mission trip, I am constantly reminded of how powerful it is to positively impact someone’s life…and call that my “job”….AMAZING! There are not enough words to truly express how grateful I am to live this life, and be called to serve as a Chiropractor. It is the most powerful opportunity to live innately guided, express the most amazing life, and I look forward to continue to share it with others. It has expanded my realm of what is possible, and has me absolutely excited about life!


By Sean Lyons, DC Student

The head of the stairs reached, only to find it the beginning of another flight. As the young boy was lying comatose in a tear-laden hospital room, they didn’t LOOK at the trouble they could SEE then; rather, they fixed their GAZE on things that could not be SEEN. For the things they SAW then would soon be GONE, but the things they could not SEE would last FOREVER.

The winters in northwestern Pennsylvania are known to be frigid and blanketed with feet of white snow. New Year’s Day of 2009 was no exception. My good friend Matt was home on leave from the Navy for the holiday, and he was returning to base the following week. Before he went back to serve, he wanted to visit with his entire family. At about 6:00pm Matt and I, along with two other friends, took a trip to his grandmother’s house to spend time with her. The four of us got in his brand new, baby blue 2008 Toyota Tacoma to leave for a journey that would change my life forever.

At this time, it was beginning to get dark out. As we drove down the back highway, the headlights would reflect off of the dense curtain of white snowflakes falling from the sky. We approached a small car on the back road going 10mph under the speed limit. Being in a four wheel drive truck with studded tires, we went to pass the car. As we returned to the right lane, the truck hit black ice.

Teach them the brevity of LIFE, so that they can GROW in wisdom.

As we returned to the right lane, the back end of the truck slid sideways and caused the massive machine to roll five times before it struck a tree. Witnesses say it was the only tree for miles; of course it was. The other passengers were able to escape fairly unharmed, however, I was knocked unconscious from the impact. The rescue team used the Jaws of Life to cut the roof off of the truck in order to get me out of the wreck. I was immediately “life-flighted” to Youngstown, Ohio where I remained comatose in the Intensive Care Unit for five days.

As I slowly regained consciousness, I was transported to HealthSouth recovery unit in Erie, Pennsylvania. They discovered I had suffered from a traumatic brain injury. I was not able to walk, talk, or even comprehend the words I read. My mother would look at my battered face, watching drool come out the sides of my mouth because I could not swallow my saliva. And my neck hurt. My neck hurt so bad it kept me awake for days at a time. The doctor overseeing my case was a Doctor of Osteopathy and refused to prescribe me pain medication. Instead, after ruling out any possible contraindications, he unsuccessfully attempted to manipulate my cervical spine.

That doctor had one of the biggest influences on my life. He understood how taking a drug would only mask the pain and it wouldn’t treat what was causing the pain. He understood the pain was a signal, telling my body something was wrong. He understood the subluxation causing the pain in my neck was manifesting itself as other symptoms as well. He agreed medication was going to interfere with the healing capabilities that God had already masterfully created my body to do, on its own, when there is no interference. He also understood my body needed to be free of any interference in my nervous system to allow my body to heal properly. So he referred me to a doctor who specialized in removing nervous system inference, which provided my body with the ability to heal and function at its full God-given potential, a chiropractor.

As I entered the chiropractor’s office, I thought I would be stuck with this debilitating pain for the rest of my life. My walking was still unbalanced with no signs of improvement and I wasn’t expected to ever be cleared to drive a vehicle. Drool still dripped out of the corners of my mouth and I was very sleep-deprived because of the pain I was in. I was re-learning how to read, how to write, how to cook, how to play guitar. All of this had left me. As I laid on this chiropractor’s table, I finally felt at peace. With my eyes closed, the Doctor placed his gentle hands around to the back of my neck and said, “How am I supposed to get that one?”

That adjustment changed my life.

I felt a sudden rush of relief, like all my tension, all my problems were melting away. The excruciating pain I was in for months was immediately gone. Instantaneously I was able to swallow my saliva. I regained my balance. Reading, writing, talking all became easier. My memory was gradually getting better and I was soon able to drive again.
It is said that our FATE is a product of a Universal Intelligence, our PURPOSE fixed; inevitable.

Well Adjusted Felines

Well Adjusted Felines
Chiropractic for Your Kitty
By Yamila cruz-Martinez, DC student

I always have been fascinated by the synchronized, delicate, agile movements of cats. Do they have something different from us? Apparently not too much, skeletally speaking. They have more bones, 230, but many are identical to those in the human body. Cats have 13 ribs instead of 12 and they do have clavicles, but they are not attached to other bones. There are a total of 7 cervical vertebrae, the thoracic region has 13 vertebrae and the lumbar area has 7 vertebrae and ends at the pelvis. The pelvis contains 3 sacral vertebrae that are all fused together. It usually takes 18 to 23 caudal vertebrae to make the tail. The cat’s spine is very flexible. It is probably the most flexible of all mammals.
Like humans, cats can have skeletal disorders and other diseases. Some of the most common are:

Nutritional imbalances: Reduced bone mass, bone deformities, bony growths, fractures, and loose teeth (rubber jaw) are all conditions that can result from nutritional disturbances, usually due to the poor nutritional value of most of the dry cat food found at stores.

Scottish Fold Osteodystrophy: The site uses images to explain objects.This is a genetic condition characterized by deformities of the bones of the spine, the metacarpal and metatarsal bones, and the toes due to the development of bony growths. Affected cats are lame and the bones in question are deformed and swollen.

Subluxation: The most common areas for subluxations in cats are the lumbosacral and cervical areas, generally due to high activity; for example, jumping from elevated areas (trees, beds, etc.)

Dislocated patella: Displacement of the kneecap is often associated with multiple deformities of the hindlimb involving the hip joint, femur, and tibia. Signs vary widely based on the severity of the displacement.

How can chiropractic help? The same way that it helps humans. Sometimes it can be difficult to get a cat to relax enough to receive a proper treatment; just like humans, they can get tense, especially if a stranger is touching them, that’s why it is important to gain their confidence. They respond better when in a place they are familiar with.

Cats can have a much better life with their innate working at its optimum. My cats get adjusted and most of the time it is very favorable. There was only one time that one of them went ballistic and scratched the chiropractor, that didn’t stop him from giving a great adjustment and helping her to be in tune with her body.

Let’s get our cats adjusted!!


A Kiwi Takes the TIC Torch

A Kiwi Takes the TIC Torch
WCCS represented at Talk the TIC!
By Penny Aviles, DC student

Talk the TIC finals took place at Life University during this quarter’s first assembly on July 24th, 2014. The Life Chapter of the World Congress of Chiropractic Students (WCCS) was proud to be there and show support for Andrew McCracken–a WCCS member of the New Zealand College of Chiropractic–a_kiwi who not only traveled more than a day across the globe to compete, he won the first place.

The contestants were of the highest quality. The students who attended assembly got to watch the three best in action, but those were not the only ones who flew to Marietta to compete. Earlier in the day, before assembly, Andrew had to compete against five other really good contestants. One of them being Derrel Pratt-Blackburn from Parker University, the 2011 Talk the TIC winner. This time around, Derrel couldn’t make it to the final three. However, our very own Samantha Thomas Brooks, whose expertise is mostly thanks to her long-time commitment in the Innate Enterprise student organization, did make it into the final three. Competition was tough, as you can imagine, yet Andrew delivered a lay talk like no other. From 50 shades of healing, to a microwave interfering with webcam communication (Skype), his analogies were right on point explaining subluxation and chiropractic.

Right before Andrew’s talk, Dr. LaMarche was kind enough to make an announcement for our club: the WCCS Life Chapter. He encouraged the student body to be part of the amazing organization that is WCCS. andrew winsIt was very humbling, especially because he has interacted with WCCS in two past occasions when he was still at Parker University. He emphasized the commitment we have as a student-run organization looking to leave the stamp of chiropractic on health reform internationally. We are honored to have his help and support, especially when we have a big WCCS event just around the corner: the 37th Annual General Meeting on April 2015, when 150 international chiropractic students will congregate to talk about chiropractic issues for eight full days of work and fun. Our club was happy and honored for Dr. LaMarche’s announcement and for having such a principled representative like Andrew McCracken win the Talk the TIC competition.

This is not the first time a WCCS member has competed at Talk the TIC and finished in the top three. Julia Pinkerton from Life West ended as a runner up in 2011 at Parker; as well as myself in 2012 for the first ever Talk the TIC Spanish edition in Mexico City. This year, on October 3rd, 2014 the Mexican chiropractic school, UNEVT, is hosting the second Spanish edition of Talk the TIC. Life University is proud to send two Puerto Rican students this year: Yamila Cruz and Andrés Juliá. Curiously enough, both Spanish events have been created and promoted by student leaders who, just like Andrew, are also WCCS members. It is students of the same passion and dedication such as Andrew’s that get involved into organizations like WCCS, where we would go across the world to share the chiropractic message and to look for means to progress and advance chiropractic for better public health awareness. You can look at Andrew’s talk at our Facebook page ( If you’re interested to learn more about us, you can contact us at and come to our meetings Wednesdays at 5pm in C-149.