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Publisher News – October 2014

Publisher News
By Dave Jennings, Student Publisher

One more quarter down and it was a fun one with Boards, Lab finals and Lecture finals while throwing in a fun water main break week 9 and yet again we transition into a new quarter. I do enjoy my time at Life but so look forward to the end of the program and the quarter system grind as these week breaks are over in a blink of your eye. Thankfully we get entertainment during finals week and break with email bombs from administration; the recent change to the parking arrangement being quite the news. On August 21 a school wide email was sent looking for students to park on Roswell Road in front of Whole Foods and with little interest the administration took a very interesting position by having blue tag students, faculty and staff park remotely.

Parking has been a hot button issue at Life forever and just as we see in the chiropractic profession you can never make everyone happy but this is one instance where the school did create quite the firestorm and got professors, staff and students to talk about the issue. There is a group of upper quarter students who are in shock and upset with regard to professors being forced to park off campus finding it disrespectful and as one professor termed it the tail wagging the dog. There has also been talk by upper quarter students all 1st-4th quarter students should park remotely in place of professors but looking back at old social media posts I am quite sure if the shoe was on the other foot every quarter would be a problem with parking remotely. While I am sure administration weighed multiple options as to the parking shortage it seems with a topic as large as parking the final decision should affect all equally. Why not make all parking on campus carpool only which would have all staff, faculty and students share equally to reduce the parking congestion as well as reducing our carbon foot print. It might be a mild inconvenience from our normally everyday lives but as I like to say first world problems are fortunate to have. Exceptions should be made for professors who have active practices as they do have time constrains which deserve to be respected. Given time the shuttles will become more efficient as they modify routes and drops.

On a serious note we have a MAJOR theft problem on campus again and this time it is happening in CC-HOP and C-HOP. Laptops, purses and other valuables are being taken from places which should feel safe. If administration cannot provide enough lockers to properly secure our personal belongings it is beyond time to install secure entry to all areas where you student ID is needed to enter and cameras are on all entry/exit points to eliminate the scourge who is violating our trust.

Publisher News – September 2014

Publisher News
By Dave Jennings, Student Publisher

Board quarter…enough said. Compiling and synthesizing two years’ worth of learning takes its toll. As I go through the process, questions on two current issues on campus come to mind. I encourage you to ask your own questions and attend Let’s Talk, support Student Government and get involved in making this a school you are proud to read on your diploma.

Two issues ago we wrote an article about the changes coming to the anatomy department with the exit of cadavers and the entrance of a virtual cadaver. We took the time to interview anatomy lab directors from Stanford University and James Madison University to inquire about teaching with new technology either by itself or in conjunction with cadavers. Unanimously we found the use of cadavers was the preferred teaching method for anatomy because it allows for a three dimensional view of the human body which cannot be duplicated with technology. Currently, everyone gets to do dry lab for the next two quarters before they bring cadavers back for a short period because of a movement created by the early quarter students who want the cadaver experience. The question we now have is will the university keep the cadavers after this group moves through?

In 7th quarter, The Clinic Knowledge Competency Test is given to students as a measure of how well the University is doing. While National Board exams are what is required to obtain a license to practice in most locales, the NBCE urges the chiropractic colleges to administer their own test to be sure a student is prepared to treat patients in their clinics. The test is taken week four and is a do, redo or die test. You can pass it the first time with a score of 84 with no one section below an 8. You can get remediation if you score less than an 84 and all sections are above an 8. If you get any section below 8 there is no opportunity for remediation or retaking of the test in the current quarter thus pushing you into week 4 of the next quarter to retake the exam for the opportunity to enter clinic. This quarter, the rules changed after the test was given in week four. As long as you got a 60 or above you could take the remediation. The part that bothers me in this process is when you are taking boards the same quarter. Why exclude anyone from remediation and retest? Wouldn’t the student taking boards and not passing the CLIN-3601 exam be the student the University would want to help prepare?

Publisher News – The Process of LIFE

Publisher News
The Process of LIFE
By Dave Jennings, Student Publisher

As I sit here trying to finish this Publisher News after taking my last final of the Spring 2014 quarter there are lots of thoughts running through my weary, exhausted body. I recently read an opinion piece from Time magazine by Miriam Weeks, a Duke University student, about the high cost of education. Universities across the country are developing large construction projects trying to one-up the next university in a competition for student dollars which, for the most part, are financed through government loans. The ever looming debt crisis coming from outstanding student loans could make the mortgage crisis look like a blip on the screen. Students borrow upwards of $200,000 to complete their chiropractic education. After Let’s Talk I checked with a friend in dental school who confirmed they typically borrow $300,000-$350,000 for their four year program. I have fully accepted the fact I will leave Life University with the debt load of a single family home before actually buying a single family home; but I also know if I get a real business education outside of the program, make a plan and follow it, while serving from my heart, I have every opportunity to have a successful practice which will provide abundantly for my family. So no more pity parties from me about how expensive Life University is; but these are my random thoughts, since my brain is goo, what are your thoughts? Take a couple minutes to read the paper through and drop us some feedback at

Let us know what we can do to make the Vital Source the best it can be for the students. Also check out our advertisers. Some local for now (REV, Life Grocery & Finer Consignments) and some national for later (BioFreeze, ChiroSecure and ChiroFutures).

Random thoughts:
Earlier this year a marriage discount was put into place most likely to keep up with your friends up north. Instead of following others why don’t we become the leaders we so often speak about. How about making BrightLife into an affordable daycare options for students, staff and faculty? Get the ICPA involved, do a little research and stop using outside contractors to run programs. I cannot imagine there aren’t several spouses in the program who would rock out a daycare program we could all be proud of while still breaking even. I am not a fan of the marriage discount as we all have the same earning potential but I am fine with affordable daycare so kids are close. What do you think about offering affordable daycare?

Bravo to Life University for being on the forefront of testing and partnering with NBCE to pilot a boards testing center. Testing throughout the year surely will take some of the stress off of the process and who truly wants to be shoved into the cattle car for one of the most important hurdles of your future. Are you taking part in the pilot program?

The new curriculum is right around the corner starting in January 2015. It will be interesting to see how the changes unfold with the old guard being placed into new patterns of thought and presentation. What would you like to see change in the curriculum to benefit future students?

Life University is going global with PEAK doctors on 4 continents and allegiances with Costa Rica, China and Italy it looks like there will be even more international flair on campus other than students from 38 countries currently attending. Where do you want to practice?

Take time to look at our going Back in Time feature. Enter the guess who they are contest to win a copy of Garrett Gunderson’s Killing Sacred Cows.

Rumor has it we might get some concerts at Lyceum Park starting this Fall. Keep an ear out and take part in the fun. It is amazing how much the campus has changed under Dr. Riekeman. When you see old pictures it is quite a transformation from warehouse parking to the beautiful campus we have now. We will throw up some pictures from old yearbooks.

Who is enjoying the Food Trucks? The sweet potato fries with the dry BBQ rub from The Blaxican truck are incredible. What has been your favorite truck so far?

Get some freshly roasted REV coffee beans from the Summer 2015 class or use the coupon to get a fresh cup.

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer break and I can’t wait to hear the stories of your summer adventures.

To Give, To Do, To Love, To Serve, How About – To Question?

To Give, To Do, To Love, To Serve
How About To Question?
By Dave Jennings, Student Publisher

Recently there has been lots of news at Life University. Bright LIFE is closing, a Safety Pin statue coming to campus, and lots of talk about major changes to the Basic Sciences department with the removal of cadavers from the program and some form of virtual learning taking its place which you can learn more about by reading this issue’s lead story.

And just like every year since I’ve been attending Life, tuition increases effective Summer 2014 have been announced. Students will now pay $316 per credit hour for classes and the quarterly student fee for all students will increase by $101 per quarter to $350 or $1400 annually. The expense of running the institution has been put forth as the reason for several of these changes. Looking up past financial statements I found Life University collected student fees of $2,370,324 in 2011 and $2,521,929 in 2012 and with the new increase this number should raise to approximately $3,500,000. What expenses have increased to justify the need of approximately $1,000,000 above the 3% tuition increase? This is a question our president and board need to answer. In my view my tuition dollars should be used for OUR education. We are allowed to have concerns when the price of our education is increasing annually yet there are not obvious improvements in our education. As students, we are held accountable for how we spend our money and if we need additional funds, a budget and a sound reason for needing the funds is required before an additional loan can be approved. Who will hold the current board and administration accountable and ask the hard questions about whether it is reasonable for the school to spend additional funds?

The accountability needs to come from current and past students. Our time here is short. Once you make the commitment to attend Life, the currents of the program sweep you away and before you know it, you’re almost finished and things like parking spots and tuition increases become less important. But in the end, your diploma will always read “LIFE UNIVERSITY” and you will want to know when you tell a prospective student about the wonders of your profession that the school who trained you is charging a fair price and providing the same quality of education you received. The time to voice your opinion is now, while you’re a student and now while you’re an alumni.

A new student council will be elected soon and this should be the leading force in organizing students to ask questions, get answers and demand changes if needed. Four volunteers can’t do it alone. The student body needs to be engaged in the conversation and it will take a willingness to be involved constructively and consistently.

The Vital Source is here to be the voice of the students. Use this tool to ask questions, pose solutions and to do your part to ensure the reputation and quality of a Life University education remains a vital force in the world of chiropractic.

Publisher News – March 2014

Publisher News
Dave Jennings, Student Publisher

The tides of change are upon the staff of the Vital Source once again. PEAK experience and more school responsibilities have brought about such change for Ron Sweeney and Carla Gibson. Ron Sweeney has moved on to greener pastures as he nears graduation and enjoys his PEAK experience at Dr. Liam Schübel’s office in Lima, Peru working under Dr. Chris Taylor. We will miss Ron’s witty sense of humor and viewpoints on life which helped mold the Vital Source, and I am sure Ron will miss being able to catch a nap in the Vital Source office. Carla Gibson has started her research track work studying Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST) and its effects on physiology and well-being, which will take a large portion of her time. As such, she will be transitioning from her position as publisher of the Vital Source to that of editor. I have the hard task of following Carla Gibson, who has brought about so much positive change to the Vital Source. Carla’s background with BEST and the teachings of Dr. Ted Morter, Jr. inform her understanding of the principle of attraction, as well as how your inward thoughts affect your energy field. She steered the content away from the negative field it had at times toward a more positive and vitalistic viewpoint. We focused on topics of interest we hoped our fellow students would find interesting. I would like to thank Carla and Ron for their hard work in changing the culture of the Vital Source and always being positive people in our lives.

The Vital Source will continue as a resource for students at Life University to explore and share their interests with fellow students to create positive change for our campus culture. For the paper to be the best resource for the student body, we need input from all areas of campus, as well as a majority of the student body to be plugged in. It has become apparent we have a culture of students who are either not concerned with or lack interest in campus events. This became apparent with the results from the recent Student Council vote for the changes to the current structure. With approximately 2700 students at Life University, only 1300 votes were required for a majority vote. Sadly, there were only 695 voting students. This same lack of interest can be found in campus clubs, as there are roughly 900 students who take an active part in any campus organization. This begs the question, “If you are not involved in a club on campus to stay plugged in, then are you involved off campus?” I truly hope so, because if you are just riding the curriculum given to us by the university, you are in for a rude awakening upon graduation. We are engaged in a financial transaction — we are really here to “buy” our Doctor of Chiropractic degree and pass board exams so we can practice. The process of becoming the best chiropractor and small business owner you can be has little to do with the curriculum we are offered, but more with the advantage you take of outside opportunities. I challenge all club officers to use the Vital Source as a resource to communicate with the student body so they can be informed about your club and upcoming events. If you read an article you like, pass it on to someone else to read, and if there are any topics you are passionate about, by all means, write about it and share it with the rest of us. I will end with a quote from BJ Palmer: “We never know how far-reaching something we may think, say, or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.” Start making your change today for a better tomorrow.

Publisher News – Passing the Torch

Publisher News
Passing the Torch
Carla Gibson, Student Publisher

Happy New Year! I hope this issue of the Vital Source finds you rested and rejuvenated and ready to tackle another quarter here at LIFE. At the Vital Source, we are managing the change that is constant with a publication like ours. We have been so blessed to have an overflow of content and talent the past few quarters, and for that I truly thank all of you. Whether you are a contributor or a reader, your efforts to support the “Student Voice of Vitalism” on LIFE’s campus is much appreciated.

Pop the cork on the champagne as we welcome and acknowledge the most recent additions to our staff.

Vince Methot has been a regular contributor for several quarters and his largest contribution to the paper has been organizing our online content and increasing the activity on our blog and Facebook sites. Please take a moment to go to and sign up to receive a notification each time a new article is posted. Many readers have reported appreciating this feature as a way to get their daily dose of vitalism and as a way of sharing information with others.

Trystanna Williams is our new Business Manager and writer. Trystanna brings a bookkeeping and organizational background that will be of great service to our office as well as a bright and persevering spirit to share and inspire others through her writing.

Will Renfrow is our newest contributor and brings a newspaper background. We appreciate Will’s investigative journalism so far and look forward to utilizing his talents more fully in the future.

The new year will also see changes in our leadership, with Dave Jennings transitioning from Business Manager to Student Publisher. Look forward to Dave filling this spot with vital information in the coming issues. I will be taking on the role of Chief Content Editor as we all wish Ron Sweeney, long-time contributor and current editor all the best on his journey to serve the fine people of Peru with chiropractic care.

We continue to find ways to improve our format and delivery. We are researching additional online delivery options as well as formats that would allow us to deliver news to you on a more regular basis. You feedback and suggestions are always appreciated. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Thank you to all the clubs who participated in the Fall Quarter contest and congratulations to the winners.

Be sure to email and enter your club for the Winter 2014 contest period.

Publisher News – October 2013

Publisher News
By Carla Gibson
Student Publisher

Even though the learning never ends on the quarter system, there is still something special about fall. The “Back to School” sentiments are etched deeply into our limbic systems and the dominant consumer culture has a way of sweeping us up into the frenzy of getting organized and updating our wardrobe.

The Vital Source is celebrating this season of “new beginnings” by welcoming several new contributors. Rebecca Koch, Director of Service Initiatives, is joining us by popular demand and will be sharing her thoughts on “Everyday Vitalism” with our readers on a regular basis. DC Students W. Ryan Livingston, Rick Kirkpatrick and Jacob Palmer have all contributed articles showcasing their passions.

As seen on our front page, the Pitch It! Project is underway here at Life University. The Vital Source is honored to have been chosen and is looking forward to providing campus clubs and organizations with additional resources.

The details of the three quarter contest can be found below. Take this opportunity to participate and keep your club or organization…vital.

Publisher News